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February 25th  

Mike Jesberger –  On-Line   

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Local historian and Revolutionary War re-enactor Mike Jesberger will present his lecture on the thrilling Christmas feat of "Victory or Death: Washington's Crossing and the Battle of Trenton".


Christmas is a season of joy and celebration. It is also a time to remember one of the American Revolution’s most memorable events. Washington’s crossing of the Delaware River and the Battle of Trenton were a major turning point in the war. The Continental Army captured most of the Hessian force that was garrisoned in Trenton, with only minimal American losses – a dramatic victory that boosted the battered army’s morale. This lecture will provide firsthand accounts of the river crossing, the details of the nine-mile march to Trenton, the battle and the impact left behind for us to remember today in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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March 25th

Jeffrey Marshall – Sherlock ‘Homes’  On-Line

Like a forensic detective, Jeff has made a career of making careful examinations of old houses and structures. This provides information that is not recorded in deeds or diaries to solve many of the mysteries of an old house or barn.  You will be treated to an “Old House CSI” experience.  Join us as we look for clues!

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April 29th

Robin Robinson with Nicole Douglas   On-Line


Robin and Nicolve will tell the story behind how original deeds, found in a warehouse, have been preserved.  Learn where to find these deeds dating back to 1684, when properties now in Lehigh and Northampton Counties, were once part of Bucks County. 

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May 27th   On-Line   To register, email

Douglas J. Madenford – PA Dutch in the 21st Century. 

This presentation will discuss where the PA Dutch culture and language came from, how they developed here in Pennsylvania over the last 300+ years and where it is going in the future. Particular attention will be paid to the role of the internet and social media in the language's survival.


Douglas J. Madenford is a Pennsylvania Dutch author, educator and musician. He runs the website as well as produced videos on all things PA Dutch for his YouTube channel. He grew up on a small farm in Centre Township, Berks County, where his family still resides. He currently teaches German and History in the Keystone Central School District and is a visiting lecturer of German at the Pennsylvania State University. He holds degrees in German and International Studies from Lock Haven University and Masters degree in German from Millersville University. 

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June 24th

Jim Bongiovanni and Bill Beers  – Pennsylvania Historical Recovery Services

Listen to accounts of metal detecting and excavations near and far, and get a chance to look at many historical artifacts some centuries old.  Learn about finding history right under your feet!


July 29th

Aaron Heckler – A Picture Postcard Tour of Upper and Lower Milford Townships

Take a trip around the Milfords as Aaron shows scenes from his vast postcard collection. There will be many cards not often seen and scenes of places pictured in their “olden” days. You may want to bring any of your own vintage Milford postcards to show.

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August 26th

Wendy Grube –18th century plant medicines among the Pennsylvania Germans as presented at the Goschenhoppen Folk Festival.  Learn how plants and extractions were used for herbal therapies and medicines.

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September 30th

Reverend Gerhart – Annie’s Album

You’ve heard the story of Annie Funk, the missionary from the Bally area, who lost her life on the sinking of the Titanic. Pastor Gerhart told Annie’s story for us through his marvelous chalk drawing in a previous program. This is a follow-up to Annie’s story using an album of hers that has been recently discovered


October 28th

Bruce Stocking – From Rum to Revolution, The Publik House.  Bruce Stocking will transport us back to the early days of the American Republic as we experience life in and around a Publik House (tavern). Learn how these establishments played an important role in their local community and in the development of the United States.